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I was formerly the Marketing Director for the S.M.A.R.T. company as well as Medical Credit Options. In addition, my wife and I paid $7000 to become a Net Branch owner. I have already gained legal representation and will begin the process of filing full legal action today against Frank DeSimone and his companies.

Due to a failure on Mr. DeSimone's end to meet contractual obligations of the Net Branch buy-in, he agreed that a refund for the monies paid was in order. I have correspondence in hand dating back to mid-June that confirms his agreement to refund by June 30th. Needless to say we have exceeded that deadline by over 30 days.

I also have commitment in hand from a member of his management team that $2000 would be rendered for the services provided to his company - including but not limited to: multiple logo designs, "flash" site banners, brochures, website, envelopes, business cards, and letterhead. Since that agreement was made on July 5 by the company's CEO, I have yet to see a penny. When inquiring about the lack of payment, I was told by the CEO that in the entire month of June - NO applications had been approved and NO providers had enrolled... as a result I would not be paid. With this said, please note a comment on this forum from a member of the SMART team dated July 8 stating quote: "Providers are being enrolled, Loans are being Submitted and approved and reps and loan brokers are being paid." Is this statement bares any truth, where is my payment? Since payment for services rendered has not been received, it should be noted that the materials being used for promotional purposes are unauthorized and prohibited.

I must also add that I am not a disgruntled employee and hold nothing personal against any member of this company or the services in which it offers. I am however one of the many that have fallen into a deceptive trap set by Frank DeSimone to gain funds for various non-producing entities. I too am only after the $9, 000 total that is owed to me.

I am welcoming any /all that have had this same misfortune to join me in pursuing class legal action against Mr. DeSimone. I have so far identified 8 that have filed some sort of complaint on the internet regarding funds owed to them - the numbers just don't lie. Prior to contacting me, please ensure that you have all documention in hand to support your complaint or monetary loss.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #954543

Slightly different story, as it was Doug Therrell who twice tried to scam me out of money, each time for about $3000.He got nothing, because he's not too bright or very honest.

He loves to file lawsuits, but when he realizes he wil actually have to go to court and present evidence, he backs down.Be very careful in any dealings with him.

Naples, Florida, United States #682939

This guy Frank Scammed me out of 4500,00,,I don't understand how the U.S. Attorney has not investigated

to kenj Laguna Niguel, California, United States #913949

This guy goes back to down right scamming me out of 6,000 Trying to get up to 50,000 from me.He never delivered on any of his lies.

I have him listed as MFT medical credit options, Smart. I have had investegators try to get money reported him to the police the attorney general in Fl and California. Now I find him again going by Frank hope. His wife is anette.

His alias is Frank desimone, Andres Frank now Frank Hope. He continues to do the same thing. He was doinf But not fake business. Medical financing saying he was doing tri merge not.

Along with more bs. This guys the true scam artist. He is a motor mouth and answers the blogs trying to reverse it on the victim. Irrogant scam artist.

Kept telling me to send him a release he would pay me my money. Look at frank desimone complaints ripoffs, victims wanted. I have him all over the internet. He even flew to my home city in jackson hole to meet me.

I have letter after letter from this scammer. He took my money and moved in to a house him and his wif. When Iwould not give him another penny. He said 10,000 would be good.

He said he must be a bad salesman. This guy has ripped so many off after me. Keep reporting his scams and answer. I will continue to keep up on the rest of my life.

Frank the scammer.

Check his BBB out he is an F.Than tried to send them letters on me, of me trying to get my money back.


I ahve over 2 years worth of infromationimplicating frank desimone. Please contact me .

to more infro against Frank desim Laguna Niguel, California, United States #913952

Yes I just posted reply to one that came after.Wee need to banned all together and get a class action suit enough to turn over to the cops.

He is still in flordia lets get him. He still keeps changing his scaming business. Now he is going by Frank Hope. it was andrew frank.

all aka Frank desimone. I go back to 2009 where he advertised a business in the La times. I have been contacted from people all over the country. He now has compass payment center in florida phone number 1800-421-9598.

Contact with your info.

Don't stop.untill he is in jail.


follow up june 2 post Frank desimone never setteled he lied once again. Turning him over

to the law He Lied once again never has paid back a penny from his fraud business. He says experian was his partner NOT.


Frank Desimone from fl has setteled his dispute with me.anything from been screwed has been cleared up.

This Frank desimone has nothing to do with the real estate frank from NC.

This is not the same person.Also Beth states that also

in her post.


Re to Sandy (post #3)

Because we have researched, investigated and lived this 24/7 for going on 4 years now, perhaps the best way, if you are close enough, would be to meet in person somewhere.

As it sounds like you have similar illegal activity info on Desimone, Blackmon and Harrison, please contact NC Real Estate Commission "Consumer protection officer" Steve Fussell at 919-875-3700. Last year, he was assigned to investigate allegations in a complaint we filed with NC REC on FD, Leslie Danielle Harrison and Gregory Mascaro re the fraud and the $100,000 commission (Greg Mascaro also got a $100,000 commission in the same fraud transaction that Desimone/Harrison got theirs from). The case # is D11-0051.

Our case re Desimone et al goes way up the political ladder. That would explain how they appear to go unscathed in spite of countless recorded judgments,civils and loan defaults adding up into the tens if not hundreds of millions.

FYI, Blackmon has real estate transaction ties with Douglas Therrell who was indicted in Gov. Mike Easley's "Cannonsgate" real estate fraud scheme. Therrell and Blackmon are also neighbors in the same upscale Charlotte neighborhood.

Also, you will not find any assistance in investigating this white collar crime ring from the U.S. Attorneys office in Charlotte. Call Assistant U.S. Attorney Kurt Meyers and ask him why he refuses to do so -- 704-344-6222.

There is strength in numbers. ...

Thanks for the reply.

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to Beth #743471

Beth can u please contact me about this, I'd like more info text me at (704) 931-1119 (My reference case: 96051185)


All of this shir is true. No matter how long until I see him next he is still full of ***.

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